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Love Clean Air

Encouraging and enabling the public to improve air quality.
Love Clean Air

Working with pollution experts from the Bromley, Croydon, Merton, Lewisham, Sutton and Wandsworth Councils, we designed a new brand and website to highlight the importance of air quality across south London.

We began by developing the ‘Love Clean Air’ identity to tap into the sense of community and neighbourhood pride prevalent in each of the six boroughs.

Our designers’ uplifting, playful illustration style told the story of pollution while portraying a positive vision for the region.

The website featured characters rich in personality and included an interactive map of local air quality readings, an animated video narrated by an expert, and even a ‘Smog Dodge’ game that sees players guide a clean cloud though south London streets while avoiding harmful carbon emissions.

Since its launch, Love Clean Air has earned the approval of several London boroughs and been recognised as good communications practice by air quality monitoring bodies.

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