Life On 2 Wheels

Changing perceptions of cycling.
Diva Mountain
Life On 2 Wheels
Transport for Greater Manchester

Tasked with changing attitudes in Greater Manchester, Diva developed a case study-led campaign that turned cycling on its head.

We’re no stranger to promoting sustainable travel, having worked on a plethora of campaigns across the country over the last few years. A recent project with TfGM saw us take a new tack in communicating about cycling, challenging the view that you need to identify as ‘a cyclist’ to reap the benefits of riding a bike.

Real people. Real stories. Real results.

Through a casting call, we found real people from Greater Manchester who cycle for day-to-day utility journeys and used each of their stories to inform the development of the Life On 2 Wheels campaign website and video.

The campaign’s ‘I’m not a cyclist’ message tied these individuals together and highlighted that cycling is an accessible and convenient mode of transport, with each character then explaining the reason behind their travel choice in a first-person website case study.

Familiar bike-friendly locations were used to show three of the characters – a commuter, a student and a shopper – in a quickly shot, upbeat video that depicted cycling as a dynamic way to get from A to B.

Using real people as our ambassadors captured the imagination of the local press and helped the campaign use social norming techniques to create the impression of a cycling movement in Greater Manchester that our audience could get involved with. This feel is taken further through the website’s ‘Join In’ page, which uses a tiled social media feed to bring together cycling-related posts by the local public.

The Life On 2 Wheels video has been viewed over 22,000 times, led to a 43% increase in average signups to TfGM’s cycling newsletter, and saw more people attend its cycle training courses after the video launch than in any other month of the year.

Life On 2 Wheels Life On 2 Wheels Life On 2 Wheels