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ITM Power

Establishing a leading brand in a new energy market.
ITM Power

Diva’s work with ITM dates back to 2010, when we were briefed to create a brand that captured ITM’s ambition and its capacity to radically change how energy is produced in the UK and beyond.

Our design and marketing teams worked closely with ITM’s senior team to explore where the company needed to be positioned, its strategic role in the renewable energy sector, and the marketing activities required to deliver on objectives.

We created a brand that remains ITM’s core identity to this day and developed the website that forms the focal point of its communications strategy.

Over the years, we’ve worked together to continuously refine the ITM Power marketing offer, delivering two further iterations of the website, producing marketing materials and developing a web app that promotes hydrogen refuelling stations across the UK.

Today, ITM is listed on the London Stock Exchange and we’re continuing our collaboration on new ideas to advance the company’s communications.

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“Diva is my secret weapon for image transformation and branding. We’ve worked with Diva for many years and have always been delighted with the results. Their approach starts with ‘understanding’ and results in a consistent stream of added value.”
Dr Graham Cooley
ITM Power