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Bus Drivers Have Feelings Too

Using insight to promote buses with a sense of humour.
Bus Drivers Have Feelings Too

Encouraging drivers to consider travelling more sustainably can be tricky – and research with this audience in our work with Darlington Borough Council showed that images of buses or tickets simply wouldn’t work.

Drivers saw these more traditional public transport adverts as being irrelevant to them and unlikely to gain their attention, so we decided to use humour as the campaign’s hook instead.

Building intrigue was crucial, so we developed the idea of using a striking, intriguing close-up of a crying bus driver as our lead visual. We casted a real driver and designed posters and billboards that suggested the reader was to blame because they hadn’t caught his bus.

Facebook adverts and extensive media coverage then helped the campaign to reach a wide audience during Catch the Bus Week.

Bus Drivers Have Feelings Too led to a 50% increase in website traffic and won the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Use of Customer Insight Award.

Bus Drivers Have Feelings Too Bus Drivers Have Feelings Too
“Diva has an excellent understanding of sustainable transport issues, meaning it’s well placed to deliver effective behaviour change campaigns in this area. The team combined their knowledge with local research to help us deliver an innovative, high-quality campaign that attracted a lot of positive local media interest.”
Chris O'Keeffe
Darlington Borough Council