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10 Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You

Promoting safe sex in a memorable way.
10 Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You

Longstanding local client Sexual Health Sheffield asked for our help in raising awareness of HIV and condom use among young people.

We knew from prior research that this audience often feels they’re bombarded with messages about condoms all the time, meaning that to stand out and get our point across, we needed to be more creative.

We created an entertaining animated video that featured popular brands, celebrities and pop culture icons through illustrated characters like Harry Potter, Miley Cyrus and Doctor Who, bringing them to life with animation in a sketch-style list format like those most popular online.

Our video featured absurd scenes and references, but crucially communicated the key benefits of using a condom halfway through its running time – ensuring the viewer was given the key message even if they didn’t watch the whole thing.

Despite a low budget, it went viral with worldwide coverage from the likes of Buzzfeed and Upworthy. To date, 10 Ways has achieved 600,000 YouTube views and won three awards, including Media Campaign of the Year at the UK Sexual Health Awards.

10 Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You 10 Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You
“We can’t thank Diva enough for its support, creativity and professionalism throughout all aspects of the creative process. It’s a pleasure to work with people with such integrity and sensitivity to the needs of diverse service users.”
Steve Slack
Sexual Health Sheffield