Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media

Social media and digital marketing cannot be ignored. Channels such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs are essential ways to reach and engage with target audiences.

Using social media enables you to target individuals in a way that traditional marketing channels often do not. And even more valuable, they also provide us with metrics that help to highlight which elements of a marketing strategy are working.

Viral video

Game on - Viral Video

No one can ignore the impact that video ‘virals’ continue to have, as illustrated by the number of major corporate brands that run guerilla marketing campaigns solely using YouTube – to great effect.

Producing a good viral is not easy. It’s all about ‘shareability’ – achieved through combining the key message with something funny, surprising or emotionally resonant.

At diva we have a successful formula that has gained real results. Starting with a great idea, our team will add video, animation, music, illustration – whatever it takes to make the perfect viral.

Social media integration

When developing a marketing strategy, the closer you can get to your target audience with a relevant message the more likely you are to succeed. With their ability to reach individuals directly, social media channels should be an integral part of any marketing plan.

At diva we have both the experience and skills to help you make the best of social networking, whether by developing a marketing plan that integrates social media or producing innovative content that will get you noticed – for all the right reasons.

Social media training

We offer a range of social media training packages, including a very popular free Introduction to Social Media Marketing. This two-hour session is designed for communications specialists working in the public sector who are keen to explore how they can use social media to help achieve their marketing and communications objectives.

Whether setting up a Facebook group, getting started on Twitter, developing a social media policy or measuring the impact of using social networking, our friendly and informal training sessions are designed to help.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

The art of email marketing is deceptively challenging. Choosing how to structure and present your message, selecting an ideal target group of recipients and designing an engaging template all present their own unique considerations.

At diva we have delivered a number of effective email marketing campaigns that delivered a measurable return for our clients and reached their audience. Our experience of writing, structuring, designing and testing email newsletters and bulletins has proved invaluable – we know what works, and we can make your email work for you.

Detailed campaign analytics and reporting

The value of email marketing in contrast to direct mail lies in the fact that you can track responses – we can find out how effective the database was, how many people opened the email and ultimately how many clicked on a link to a website. Our detailed campaign analytics will provide this essential information and recommendations for future campaigns.