Social Marketing

We specialise in delivering campaigns that utilise social marketing and behaviour change theories to achieve increased health literacy and sustained social change. We offer communications expertise and strategic consultancy across the UK to achieve improvements in public health and wellbeing, enable informed choice and encourage social justice.

Health-related social marketing is the systematic application of marketing concepts and techniques to achieve specific behavioural goals relevant to improving health and reducing health inequalities.

The Department of Health

Our Social Marketing approach explained

Behaviour Change diagram

Our model

diva has developed a model of communication based on the principles of Social Marketing (or Social Justice Marketing), which essentially focuses on the individual when looking at encouraging positive behavioural change, applying commercial marketing practices within a social agenda.

This approach has proved an effective methodology when approaching commissions that aim to encourage a shift in understanding and practice by the target audience (e.g. quitting smoking), and is based on providing motivational messages to encourage positive lifestyle change, rather than relying on a more didactic approach. This model is now being adopted at government level, and the Department of Health in particular are leading on developing a number of social marketing campaigns.

Our approach

diva has developed a model of approach within the Social Marketing context which:

  • Uses marketing tools and ideas to tackle health and social issues
  • Develops campaign brand loyalty
  • Captures and develops consumer loyalty to influence behavioural change
  • Segments the market – adults, young people, employers, employees
  • Creates a campaign brand that is consistent and appropriate and can compete with the competition
  • Identifies the best way to market ideas/initiatives
  • Ensures consultation with stakeholders at all levels
  • Ensures that all partners are buying into the brand qualities
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the campaign