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February 2015 -

Stability, Scalability & Structure: why we chose WordPress

From its humble beginnings as a little blogging application to a fixed point in Internet history, WordPress has come a long way. Read more

December 2014 -

SEO, it’s not just a bunch of words

When it comes to Google, being king of the hill isn’t always easy. Many organisations launch their website only to wonder in dismay why it… Read more

September 2014 -

Apple Tech Update: Will we soon be promoting wearable tech as a tool for behaviour change?

The wait is finally over as the much coveted iPhone 6 and Watch were unveiled to the world last week. Now that Apple has firmly… Read more

August 2014 -

Why we’re excited about Apple’s latest tech

We’re really excited about the rumoured release of the iPhone 6, ‘iWatch’ and Health App in iOS8 due in September from Apple. These new devices… Read more

June 2014 -

The blog that’s a font of all knowledge

  Unless you’re a designer, typefaces might not be things you think about on a daily basis. Perhaps you don’t know there’s a difference between… Read more

April 2014 -

Creating momentum and keeping everyone moving – why marketing sustainable travel never stops

To successfully increase levels of sustainable travel and reduce car journeys, there are two key aspects to consider: ensuring there’s sufficient suitable infrastructure to facilitate… Read more

February 2014 -

Web Trends for 2014

With 2014 well under way, it seems like a good opportunity to pause and take a look at what we can expect from the web… Read more

September 2013 -

My summer at diva

Ringing phones. Whirring printers. The hum of a busy office. Not sounds that come to mind when you think of summer, but ones I chose… Read more

August 2013 -

Creative Culture: An Agency’s Best Friend

As our clients would agree, diva is a very creative company. But there’s someone else behind diva’s inventive, unique approach to work.

Someone small, grey and furry. Read more

July 2013 -

Empowering young people through co-creation

At diva, we’ve got a long history of creating resources for young people. Each time we do, we ask the same questions Read more

April 2013 -

Top Twitter Tips for 2013

By now we all know we need to use hashtags, be social and shorten links on Twitter – and if you aren’t currently up to… Read more

March 2013 -

Why being random is the key to going viral

Not all content goes viral, but with the exception of a few awesomely terrible videos, content that does go viral is great. However, if you’ve… Read more

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