‘Today I Can’

Client: Heart of Mersey, ChaMPs (Cheshire and Merseyside Partnerships for Health) and CMTA (Cheshire and Merseyside Tobacco Alliance)

Brief: Rates of smoking among mental health service users are significantly higher than the national population. We were commissioned to co-create a DVD to raise awareness and increase engagement with stop smoking support for mental health service users.


What we did:

  • Content planning, message development and storyboarding
  • Consultation with service users and professionals (focus groups and interviews)
  • Filming, editing and post-production
  • Production of DVD and designed booklet / case
  • Supported delivery of launch event on World No Tobacco Day


Value: The ‘Today I Can’ DVD tells the stories of service users who have quit or reduced smoking and offers tips and advice to help inspire others to do the same. Taking a co-creation approach, service users were involved at each stage of the development to ensure the final edit was right for the target audience.

The project was also a great experience for service users involved:

“The film-crew made us feel comfortable and at ease. I know Stuart really enjoyed the company, it was great you took him to play snooker at his local club.” Norma

“It was all about teamwork. Everybody involved was treated equally, it was a joint venture rather than ‘us’ and ‘them’.” Clare

“Taking part in this has made me feel really good about myself. I feel really chuffed about what I have done.” Chris

“It’s nice to know my opinion mattered, that you listened, and I hope Today I Can will make a difference in people’s lives.” Cameron

Throughout a challenging and ambitious co-creation project diva creative delivered over and above the expectations of all partners involved. Their intelligent and thoughtful approach demonstrated a passion and investment in the work which went beyond the service of a hired agency and made them an extension of our team.

Jo McCullagh, Tobacco Control Programme Lead, ChaMPs and Heart of Mersey

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