All York Ticket Public Engagement Campaign

Client: City of York Council

Brief: Implementation of a Facebook advertising campaign and on-street promotion to support the launch of the All York bus ticket.

What we did:

  • Produced a targeted Facebook campaign to individuals aged 15 and above who lived within 10 miles of York
  • Conducted public engagement activities over a three day period in and around the York area. This involved the distribution of leaflets, branded balloons and generally engaging and communicating with the general public


  • Our Facebook campaign reached nearly 51,000 individuals and achieved 180 click-throughs to the All York website. With a very small cost, this campaign had already achieved a significant return on investment
  • During our public engagement activity, we distributed more than 3,000 leaflets and gave away 400 balloons, using them as a way to draw people to us so we could talk to them about the new bus ticket
  • In addition to both campaigns, the all York website achieved 740 hits over the two week period of engagement
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