diva creative is listed by the Government Procurement Service’s (GPS) Strategy & Planning framework for Marketing and Communications Strategy Development (lot one).

diva is listed on a number of regional local government and NHS rosters, in addition to three of the Government’s Central Office of Information (COI) rosters.

COI rosters:

  • Social Marketing strategy development
  • Social Marketing implementation
  • Design and Creative

The COI exists to enable government and public sector bodies to secure policy objectives through achieving communication effectiveness. The overall aim of procurement at the COI is to achieve best value for money and a rigorous selection process is required for agencies to be approved for entry onto the COI roster.

diva is also listed on the Xerox iON framework in relation to the provision of creative and editorial services to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

diva creative is listed by the National Social Marketing Centre as an agency with Social Marketing Capacity in the UK via an initial selective review.