2016: Year in review

December 2016
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Mike Laskey
21st December 2016

Is it that time again? Already?! 

2016 has flown by. It’s been a fun-filled year of great campaigns, award wins and new friends, so we’ve taken stock with a look back at some of its highlights.

From websites to research projects and everything in between, here are just a few things the Diva team has enjoyed working on over the last 12 months – and what we’ve learned in the process, too.

Mal, Senior Designer
White Rose Energy with Leeds City Council

“This was a fun process of creating a brand from scratch and giving it not only a name but an entire identity, complete with visual style and tone of voice. The end result was slick and commercially credible but with a clear proposition that set it apart in a crowded marketplace. 

White Rose Energy: the power of good

“I was very proud of our work – it looked fantastic, the client loved it, and it lived up to our intentions perfectly.”

Mike, Copywriter
Kent Connected with Kent County Council

“This was a smaller-scale campaign with an existing brand, but a great example of how we can combine clear messaging and arresting visuals to promote a product or service really effectively. Our social media adverts were an instant hit with the client, who was impressed with our ability to meet the brief in short timescales. 

Kent Connected: a handy timesaver

“As a copywriter, it was a fun challenge to condense the key selling points of the journey planner to just a few engaging words.”

Bex, Account Executive
#FluFree with NHS Gloucestershire CCG

“The client came to us having seen our previous flu campaigns and wanted our help in creating videos for places like GP surgery waiting rooms that would encourage several different audiences to get vaccinated. We used our insight from past health projects and the client’s own information to determine the right key messages for each target group, like presenting the flu jab as an NHS resource older viewers would be ‘wasting’ by not having. 

“Working on the project from its inception to completion, I learned loads about how imaginative we can be – not least in creating a hospital scene from scratch!”

Carly, Account Director
Rediscover That Cycling Feeling with CityConnect

“Our work with CityConnect this summer was a big success, with some really good statistics from digital advertising and the post-campaign evaluation.

“It reminded us that by combining personal messages and emotive visuals with engaging creatives, you can have a strong impact on the audience. The campaign has been shortlisted for awards already and I’m sure it will be nominated for more, too.”

Claire, Senior Account Manager
Get Online Week with Good Things Foundation (formerly Tinder Foundation)

“Get Online Week is a nationwide initiative to help all kinds of people improve their computer skills, with events happening all across the country in October. 

“We held photoshoots with real people who had attended previous Get Online Week events, and the result was materials that felt that much more heartfelt and relatable. We’ve had positive feedback from the client and got to meet some great people when we were developing the campaign.”

AJ, Digital Services Team Manager
Move It Boom Rio with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT)

“This was a continuation of LPT’s and Diva’s previous summer physical activity campaign that had been incredibly successful, so we were keen not to lose that momentum. Thanks to lots of hard work and some fun games, resources and features, the website performed fantastically well, with more than 45,000 physical activities logged by children over the summer. And it’s been nominated for awards, too. 

Count Gusto: the villain of Move it Boom Rio

“The visuals and storyline are fantastic, and the project showed how flexing our creativity and design muscles can capture an audience and exceed even our clients’ expectations.”

Laura, Senior Account Manager
Swimming research with Leicester City Council 

“To support the council’s application for funding from Sport England, we carried out in-depth research into swimming levels. The fieldwork we did has the potential to lead to a big impact on the city’s physical activity levels and health, so it was very exciting to be involved in.

“We had to find and engage hard-to-reach communities in a very short period of time, and this project proved how helpful it can be to make useful local contacts who can help with that.”

So that’s a brief summary of our personal highlights of 2016 – but which of our campaigns did you like best this year? Let us know by tweeting @DivaCreative

By Mike Laskey