A team that cares also delivers – and wins!

May 2016
News Item
Amanda Pearce
4th May 2016

“Helping people to reach their highest potential and purpose naturally has a positive impact on the bottom line of business.” Richard Branson

There’s much to learn from others – especially those who have consistently broken the mould when it comes to building a business and being undeniably brilliant at it. Drawing on just some of Richard Branson’s maverick thinking can inspire anyone who wants to run a successful business, particularly one that combines strong values and delivers on the bottom line.

Over the past 18 years, Diva has grown into a highly respected, ethically led UK marketing agency that employs people who are looking for more than just a job. I have interviewed hundreds of people during this time, and in trying to achieve that most elusive trick of getting the right people in the right roles, I’ve learned to listen closely to what motivates, inspires and ultimately drives those people to our door.

Everyone in the Diva team is chosen because they care about social values. Of course, they have great skills, relevant experience and the drive to continuously learn and improve, but – most importantly – they believe in the work we do and want to be part of it.

In 2010, when we decided to grow the business in the face of the worst economic crisis the country had seen for many years, we did so because we had the confidence that with the commitment of our great team we could not only ride out the storm, but come out of it bigger and stronger than ever.

We stayed true to our principles to create positive behaviour change for social good, and identified a key opportunity for growth – in sustainable travel. Five years on, and having worked across the UK on a wide range of transport commissions, Diva is now recognised as the market leader in sustainable transport marketing, and is building on this to extend our reach in air quality and environmental communications.

It’s fantastic to achieve peer recognition. The Prolific North Awards celebrate excellence and reward outstanding campaigns and exceptional talent in the creative and media industries across the north, so to win Best Small Integrated Agency in 2016 is a terrific accolade.

Whether it’s a proposal, an aspiration or a robust economic strategy, the Northern Powerhouse has been set up with the aim of seeing more companies enjoy success and foster skills in the future.

But in the here and now at Diva, we’ve focused on making our business even better by recruiting a great team of committed individuals and having the flexibility to innovate and create exciting new opportunities.

Don’t take our word for it. The Prolific North Awards judges said:

“Diva Creative were worthy winners as they re-engineered the business to suit the climate to ensure profit and growth.”


By Amanda Pearce