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April 2016
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Mike Laskey
22nd April 2016

Earth Day is upon us once again, and here at Diva we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on our commitment to sustainability. 

The 2016 theme is ‘Trees For The Earth’ – in recognition of the harrowing fact that the planet loses a shocking 15 billion every year. 

Last month, we did our bit to help at a local level by planting the pink ’Diva’ cultivar of the Magnolia sprengeri tree in Sheffield, having also previously planted 150 trees just off the main route into the city centre back in 2007.


Diva continues to work on sustainable transport, air quality and other environmentally minded campaigns – whether it’s promoting alternative fuels or encouraging people to travel in different ways.

We also strive to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure our materials and products do as little damage to the environment as possible. 

In recognition of our principles, and to support this year’s Earth Day celebrations, we’ve created a short animation. Animations are great for reaching your target audience in an engaging way that can explain a concept quickly – as we’ve often found with air quality and sustainable transport.  

How will you be marking Earth Day 2016?

Earth Day 2016

By Mike Laskey