Students’ marketing campaigns praised

March 2016
News Item
Mike Laskey
16th March 2016

Students at The University of Sheffield have been developing their own social marketing campaigns after receiving a masterclass from Diva.

Our Digital Services Team Manager, Alasdair Jackson (photographed) delivered a guest lecture to the Department of Biomedical Science that explained how behaviour change theories can be put into practice to achieve effective results.

Alasdair Jackson from Diva Creative

Alasdair Jackson, Digital Services Team Manager

The students have since devised their own potential campaigns – and their creativity has earned their guest lecturer’s praise after he went back to review their progress.

Alasdair said: “It was fantastic to hear so many great ideas from such young minds and see how they had taken the strategies I discussed in my talk on board.

“Social marketing can be an effective way of making a difference across a number of different fields, so it is really important that young people are engaged and aware of the opportunities it presents.”

Diva’s award-winning campaigns include the humorous ‘10 Ways A Condom Can’t Protect You’ video, produced for Sexual Health Sheffield, which went viral after being featured by media outlets across the world and has now been viewed over 620,000 times. 

Dr Lauren Buck, Associate University Teacher and Deputy Level 1 Tutor at The University of Sheffield, said: “Diva’s guest lectures have been enjoyed greatly by our students and provide them with an understanding of how they can apply their subject knowledge in real-life scenarios.”

“I am looking forward to the students developing their initial ideas and seeing how they use Alasdair’s feedback to shape their learning.”

By Mike Laskey