Celebrating the women of Diva

March 2016
Celebrating the women of Diva
Mark Vincent
8th March 2016

As part of International Women’s Day we’ve been thinking about what equality means, as well as celebrating some of the achievements from the women of Diva.

Amanda Pearce, Director of Diva since 1997, is proud of being part of a growing award-winning agency – an amazing achievement in itself!

We asked Amanda what equality means to her. She answered: “Self-determination. Never having to explain the difference (ever again). The freedom to be wrong, just because I’m human. The joy of no-one asking ‘so what about international men’s day, then?’”

To mark International Women’s Day, we decided to recognise what some of the female members of our team have achieved so far.

Carly started open-water swimming five years ago. “I wanted to make myself stronger both mentally and physically. It has been great to see how many more women are doing endurance sports, which can sometimes be very male dominated.”

Open-water swimming

While at university, Wala raised money for orphans in third-world countries by breathing fire, raising £600 in two weeks.

Laura had her first academic paper published at the age of 21. “In a male-dominated academic environment, I was proud to be a young female making a contribution to my field of research.”

Maria’s proudest achievement was gaining a degree in Advertising and Marketing at the University of Lincoln. “I never thought I would go to university, so when I achieved a high 2:1 it was one of the best feelings.”

Maria Cohen

In 2012 Corin organised a music and arts festival in London called Notting Hill Mayfest. The festival featured 12 live music concerts and a fine art exhibition.


Becky fulfilled a lifelong dream of travelling independently through New Zealand and Asia, bathing with elephants in a sanctuary.

Becky with elephants

Claire organised a Macmillan coffee morning: “I’m proud of doing it, as it not only helped to raise money for charity but also helped to build relationships in my local neighbourhood.”

Bex won three Roscars, an award actually organised by Diva that celebrates high-quality media work from young people at schools across Rotherham.

Carol has donated over 30 pints of blood. “I am AB, a blood group that less than 1% of the population have, so I do this to make a difference to people needing long-term as well as emergency treatment or research.”

Sapna spent time in Mumbai visiting an orphanage to celebrate festivals with them. “The sheer happiness of brightening up these girls’ day was extremely fulfilling.”

At Diva, we’re proud of what women do and achieve each and every day. International Women’s Day seems like a great opportunity to stop and reflect on this.

By Mark Vincent