Bringing stories to life

March 2016
Bringing stories to life
Mike Laskey
3rd March 2016

It’s World Book Day!

No matter how old you are, there’s nothing better than getting cosy with a good book and transporting yourself to another world. Whether it’s a much-loved classic, a page-turning thriller or an imaginative kids’ story, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Books can also serve an important purpose, as was the case when Diva was tasked with writing and designing one to encourage better oral health among young children in Leeds.

We asked one of our designers, Lock, to talk us through the creative process behind the ‘Big Tooth and Little Tooth’ storybook.

“Our work with Leeds Smiles was really enjoyable. We needed to produce something that parents would really want to read with their kids, so we designed two relatable characters representing both the adult and child, and used features common to children’s storybooks such as soft pastel colours and fun character designs.

“What makes it work, of course, is the story, which mirrors the journey of a parent teaching their child how to brush their teeth properly through a bedtime story with easy-to-read rhymes.

“The end result was great – so much so that some of the parents in the Diva team took a copy home for themselves!”

What will you be reading this World Book Day?

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By Mike Laskey