Partnership approach to deliver LoCITY

February 2016
Partnership approach to deliver LoCITY
Mike Laskey
2nd February 2016

Global consultancy WYG, transport consultants TTR and Diva Creative have joined forces to deliver LoCITY, a new industry-led programme that aims to improve air quality and reduce emissions from commercial vehicles.

LoCITY aims to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions in London by increasing the uptake and availability of low-emission commercial vehicles and technologies.

Each of the partner organisations is using its unique expertise to inform the development of the programme, which was launched on 27 January in the presence of Transport for London Commissioner Mike Brown MVO.

WYG’s role is to oversee the day-to-day management of the programme and support TfL in aligning LoCITY to other projects and programmes.

TTR provides the technical expertise and support to industry through stakeholder engagement.

Diva has designed the LoCITY brand and communications materials, developed a campaign website, organised a launch event and conference, and produced a video introduction to the programme.

Transport for London Commissioner Mike Brown MVO speaks at the launch of LoCITY

Transport for London Commissioner Mike Brown MVO speaks at the launch of LoCITY

Dr. Sarah Wixey, Associate Director at WYG, said: “LoCITY is a great opportunity to work with stakeholders across the freight and fleet industry, vehicle manufacturers, refuelling providers and policymakers to ensure everyone is doing their bit to improve London’s air quality.

“As LoCITY programme manager, WYG is pleased to be working with Diva and TTR on delivering this ambitious initiative.”

Venn Chesterton, Divisional Manager at TTR, said: “Everyone at TTR is thoroughly enjoying working on LoCITY and using our expertise in emissions reduction to drive forward the switch to low-emission vehicles in London.”

Amy Boyle, Director of Strategy at Diva, said: “Our work with TfL, WYG and TTR reflects Diva’s growing portfolio in the transport sector.

“Diva’s role has been to develop LoCITY’s messaging and ensure its communications reach a diverse audience through the right channels and the right approaches.”

At present, air pollution contributes towards almost 9,500 premature deaths in London every year, at a cost of nearly £3.7bn to the capital.

LoCITY will support organisations in the freight and fleet industry to reduce their carbon emissions, help tackle poor air quality and ultimately improve public health.

For more information about LoCITY, or to express an interest in the programme, visit or email

By Mike Laskey