A fresh approach. A brand-new look.

November 2015
A fresh approach. A brand-new look.
Malcolm Fisher
26th November 2015

As our clients’ needs have evolved since 1997, so too have Diva’s specialisms and skills. We’re a much different agency than we were when we first opened our doors, not only in what we deliver but also in how we deliver it.

Diva’s 18th anniversary seemed like the perfect opportunity to take stock and review our own brand, just as we do for clients all the time.

Initially, this process involved speaking to our colleagues to pin down what Diva is really all about.

Words like ‘sustainability’, ‘bravery’ and ‘innovation’ kept on cropping up, but it all boiled down to our focus on communicating clearly and effectively – exactly what we wanted our visual identity to do for us.

The ‘Swiss Design’ style is based on those very principles of clarity and purpose, so when it came to refreshing the Diva brand, it fitted us perfectly.

So what did we do?

Our first step was to consider how our logo has changed, from the original, bold sans serif typeface to our mid-2000s version with its sleek, stylised lines and rounded asterisk.

The last thing we wanted was to lose Diva’s history, so our new logo pays homage to each of them while providing a sharper, cleaner look with its use of the Avant Garde typeface.

Next was to look at our wider visual identity and find a colour palette that portrayed confidence, calmness and sophistication. The result is a series of cool blues, yellows and pinks that contrast lightly with two tones of grey to add boldness to our paired-back version of CMYK.

Typefaces followed. We like our headers to be impactful and our body copy to be clear in all formats, so our new fonts are the Bauhaus-inspired Futura and the modern Sentinel.

Finally, we developed a series of geometric shapes built on an adapted isometric grid to give the Diva brand a consistent look and feel of efficiency and reliability.

We’re proud of our updated visual identity. The process of refreshing our brand hasn’t just given us a new look; it’s also connected us with the design principles we use when working with our clients.



By Malcolm Fisher