Sheffield Is My Planet Still Bringing In Awards!

September 2012
News Item
Mark Vincent
21st September 2012

We are delighted to announce that the Sheffield Is My Planet’s Switch off Sheffield campaign has won New Home Front’s special Municipal Award for Best Austerity Themed Climate Change Campaign.

The campaign, produced by Sheffield City Council in conjunction with diva, is aimed at improving air quality throughout South Yorkshire. It has been responsible for giving local businesses a helping hand to improve their sustainability, saving them thousands of pounds in energy costs and reducing city CO2 emissions by 500 tonnes per year.

This is the latest in a string of awards that this campaign has won including UK’s Best Sustainability Communications Campaign at Environment and Energy Awards 2011, Best Local Initiative (runner-up) at Climate Week Awards 2011 and Environmental Best Practice (Bronze) at Green Apple Awards 2010.

The award was due to be announced at the Green Party Conference in Bristol at the beginning of September. For more information about Sheffield is My Planet, please contact us or visit the Sheffield is My Planet website.


By Mark Vincent