It’s OK for girls to carry condoms – social media campaign

November 2010
News Item
Mark Vincent
1st November 2010

Building on diva’s expertise in sexual health and behaviour change, the company has been commissioned by Leicestershire County Council to develop and deliver an awareness raising campaign aimed at young people at college. The primary objective of the campaign is to communicate positive messages around condom use, specifically to shift perceptions around how young women who carry condoms are perceived.

By using peer engagement, nudge and social norming models in conjunction with a social marketing insight driven approach, diva are developing a video featuring local young people who are informing the narrative, participating in the video and promoting it via Facebook and other social media outlets in addition to local networks.

We were all more than happy to be a a part of the video as well as raising awareness of girl’s carrying condoms, we’re all dying to wear the t-shirts. Thank you for giving me the experience and confidence that I will carry with me for the future!

Bethany Grace Cleaver, Actor in video

By Mark Vincent